Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2005

Crude, rude and nude ... masticated, ruminated, ideological strychnine!

Over the years, we have constantly warned about the Orwellian Big Lies, transmitted by the national and international mass media, owned, controlled, sponsored and financed by the huge transnational corporations and metropolitan press agencies.

Anybody that still dreams that the official educational systems, the predominant socialization processes and the powerful mass media are there to inform us, the slaving, toiling citizens, about real international events, about the true historic essence of the death of a pope, and the imperial coronation of the next one, has understood very little about this specific world in which we live, about labor, capital, consumer goods, profits, capitalism, imperialism, militarism and corporatism, but also very little about revolution, socialism dis-alienation and emancipation.

During the past Roman Imperial Parade, did CNN or Fox News inform us about how Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger aided George Bush in his fraudulent electoral campaign against John Kerry, by attacking the latter because he openly favored euthanasia and abortion in special cases?

In return, did they inform us about Bush's global aid in order that Benedict XVI could triumph?

The truth of the matter is that the dominant, international ideological superstructure ... as reflected in the "news" and "information" of radio and TV stations, in best-sellers and world-renowned newspapers, in the majority of propaganda web sites, in commercial and mind control mechanisms ... with highly sophisticated and technological methods and gadgets, is permanently disseminating, defending and eternalizing ruling class ideas, ideology and interests. Information & News serve the world order, affirms the exploitative, dominating, discriminating, militarizing, alienating world market.

About what is really happening on Earth, most of us probably do not have the foggiest notion ... not a clue about the real health of the planet, of nature, of life on Earth. In this context, the majority of the world population knows very little about Venezuela, thanks to the international free circulation of "information."

To hide the truth about the imperialist, fascist quintessence of "Globalization," a myriad of repetitive series of constant big lies and hoaxes has to be fabricated, drilled into the minds of the majority of readers, listeners or onlookers, who already have been bamboozled, indoctrinated and manipulated ever since their very cradles, who are social products of centuries of implanted ideology, dogmas, doctrines, rites, customs and behavior patterns, that the new, the original, the authentic cannot eradicate within a decade.

In its serious attempts of really and truly informing the world about current Venezuelan realities, the above describes and explains the basic, mammoth problem that the Bolivarian Revolution encounters nationally and internationally.

However, this not an individual, isolated issue, it is a millennia-old social plague; for us, it is an immense revolutionary task of taking up theoretical and philosophical arms against a monstrous Intellectual Holocaust, that is already reaching global Orwellian Newspeak dimensions.

To be victorious, we have to create the trans-historic, global conditions, that germinate an objective, subjective and "transjective" path towards world emancipation. We have to transform radically ourselves, our modus vivendi et operandi, our modes of action and thought, of praxis and theory, our relation to Nature and Society, to Labor and Capital.

Only as such, we could live, enjoy, formulate a "New Socialism" for Venezuela and the world.

Anything that falls short of this tremendous task is just fishing for reformist ideology and practices in the globalized, imperialist, corporate quagmire in agony.

In this emancipatory sense, most of us, true comrades, in deed and word, in praxis and theory, women and men, battling in the Bolivarian Revolution, like Heinz Dieterich, Martha Harnecker or Alan Woods, have begun to create this genuine world outlook, this creative, "trans-volutionary" path towards a world completely "tri-fferent", constructing a still possible human, humane home worth living in, here on planet Earth, in our galaxy.

This time we are not looking at CNN, Fox News, The new York Times or The Washington Post, but at the ... at Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu who has been an Army Green Beret lieutenant colonel, as well as a writer, popular speaker, business executive and farmer.

The above is sufficient, we will not waste time to identify more precisely this obvious watch-dog of world fascism; anybody can visit the site and enjoy Bush's "War of ideas."

In a philosophical sense ... even in an idealist Platonic sense ... what is being published there about Venezuela and her beloved President Hugo Chavez Frias, has absolutely nothing to do anymore with any "idea" ... it concerns pure, fascist, Orwellian fantasies of an imperialist, corporate "topos ouranios."

It is written in the spirit of desperate attempts to fabricate pretexts to invade Venezuela, in tune with other plans, ranging from accusations of human trafficking, of selling her "Miss Venezuelans" to the Arab harems, to drug trafficking, to supporting "world terrorism," the guerrilla in Colombia, to possessing "conventional" weapons, even now buying "arms", that probably were made during the Cold War, in Communist Russia, and the latest one of them all, according to Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, we now are becoming an "emerging rogue regime", that nurture friendly relations with North Korea, and it looks like "an extension of the Axis of Evil into the Western Hemisphere."

Below are a few samples of this latest "Big Story", of ideological chimeras, that could also appear in any of the big, global, ruling class mass media across the globe:

"... Venezuela dictator wannabe Hugo Chavez is cozying up to North Korean representatives. Chavez, long time admirer of Fidel Castro is rapidly dragging his country into the throes of a modern Marxist dictatorship."

Very precisely the internationally indoctrinated trigger gadgets are embedded into this diatribe: "dictator", "dictatorship", "Chavez", "Fidel Castro" and "Marxist". What do we want more, we are now well-informed!

As we said, we will not refute anything of this rotting, stinking humbug ... any reader of ... or of other serious independent information media ... could note the deliberate distortion, the shameless reversal, the cold-blooded blotting out of Venezuelan reality. Logically, the already classical Orwellian, Fascist Big Lie must follow:

"Chavez, elected in a contentious time, deliberately dismantled democratic institutions, cemented his authority, and then began systematically to eliminate the opposition."

Of course ... already here, Chavez is being confounded with Bush, with North American fraudulent, electoral reality. Worse even, as in the case of the Indonesia Massacre of probably a million communists ... he is being equated with Pedro Carmona Estanga, who was aided and recognized by Bush, whose CIA-directed abortive coup (in typical "death squad" style) also had in mind to "eliminate" the communist "hordes of chavistas."

The ideological, fascist mechanism to turn Truth around, to fabricate virtual realities ... of "liberating Iraq" ... of desires to install a "global democratic revolution" (Bush) ... in the spirit of "Tyranny is Freedom" ... of "War is Peace" ... is carefully integrated into this article:

And now, the CIA organ lets the cat out of the Pandora Box:

"There is a good chance that American and Organization of American States support for such a move might have changed Venezuela back into a legitimate democracy. But the opposition -- stunned by Carter’s irrational pronouncement -- fell into disarray. It was a tragedy for the people of Venezuela but also for America and other countries in the hemisphere. With Carter’s imprimatur in his back pocket, Chavez then cracked down even harder on the democratic opposition, plunging Venezuela deeper into authoritarian rule."

Again, replacing Chavez' revolutionary social objectives with Bush's imperial dreams, thus astutely applying the megalomaniac, Hitlerite or Stalinist "personality cult" attributes, that is, the typical ad hominem character-assassination slander-effects, it states:

"Chavez has delusions of grandeur that go hand in glove with dictatorship. He envisions himself as ruler of a ‘super-state’ that traverses Latin America from Atlantic to Pacific."

What a putrefied corruption of authentic journalism!

Finally, reversing the truth, veiling the counter-revolutionary failures of the "opposition" and of Washington D.C. itself, Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu openly threatens Venezuela:

"As petty tyrants are wont to do, Chavez has ‘misunderestimated’ America and President Bush. The US and our hemispheric allies have too much at stake to permit this cancer to grow unchecked. Watch for a new front to open in the war on terror."

What such fascist diatribes nurture is that what George Orwell poignantly described more than fifty years ago:

"A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but MORE merciless, as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain. ... In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy."