Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2005

Venezuela: How to avoid an Indonesian Massacre here!

Across history, across the last centuries, Colonialism, Global Capital, Corporate Imperialism, the Big Powers, all ruling classes, brutally and violently at all times defended their class interests: their self-created, democratic rights to plunder the world, to dispossess billions of human beings, to dominate them by State Power, to discriminate them socially, to murder their leaders should they resist, to massacre any social sector, any amount of rebelling peoples, millions, to militarize continents, to destroy humanity itself, thus, converting the world into a haven of bodily denaturalized and mentally dissocialized toiling, consumer Zombies.

The military colonial and neocolonial blood-hounds ferociously tore peoples apart, heinously they "pacified" the protesting natives, criminally they wiped out millions of indigenous peoples, massacred still surviving ancient folks, drove millions of Africans, Chinese and Indians into merciless slavery, and, to crown it all, ideologically poisoned their minds and souls for centuries to come with European Christianity, religious morals and values.

The current 15 variations of the CIA, the British Secret Service, CESID, Mossad, "paramilitares", mercenaries, "death squads" etc., are all the bloody successors of a galaxy of past war mongrels.

Since millennia this world was ruled violently by social order; the very exploitative labor system being the major man-killer of all times, it has hundreds of millions on its bestial historical record.

No cruel slave driver, no pharisaic feudalist werewolf, no blood-sucking imperialist vampire ever stepped down peacefully from their opulent, privileged thrones.

Since centuries ferocious class struggles terrorized planet Earth, never ever existed real, true social peace, humane dialogues between the contending, clashing forces, any solidaric reconciliation among the participating, antagonistic class warriors. Anything else was just pipe-dreams, illusions, strategy, tactics or diplomacy, in the end the naked truth revealed the historical terrorist realities.

Hence, nearing Venezuela, and contemporary reality, the North American CIA, and its global counterparts, over the last decades was in the front-line to guard metropolitan, capitalist, imperialist class interests. Like Big Brother, it is everywhere.

In Guatemala, for instance, it operated inside the very army, it maintained torture chambers, it killed thousands of civilians mercilessly. Its lackeys lived in the US Embassy, in five star hotels, in the barrios, in the beds of the freedom fighters. Working together with the secret G-2, it murdered left and right, including the popular guerrilla leader Efrain Bamaca Velasquez.

In 1954, after overthrowing Arbenz's government, the CIA handed over its "death lists" to the new government, so that all resistance militants could be eliminated. Similarly, in Chile, between 1971 and 1973, it had compiled arrest lists of thousands of opponents.

Currently in Venezuela such lists exist, President Chavez tops this list urgently to be eliminated.

Between April 11 and 13, 2002, the Venezuelan version of the infamous Indonesia Massacre of revolutionaries was awaiting us. The list of names of the first thousand to be slaughtered was already compiled, and a thousand more per coming month was programmed.

It failed, but there are more to come.

In the Indonesian case, declassified documents, including statements made by the very CIA and State Department officials, also serious international research work, revealed that "elimination" lists of specific members of the Communist Party of Indonesia were compiled long before. According to estimates, the abortive coup attempt within days took 250,000 to 1,000,000 lives, and eventually led to the overthrow of President Sukarno's legitimate government.

If President Chavez did not return, we could imagine where most of us would be today! This should never happen here, hence, beware!

This should be an eye-opener for all the traitors and counter-revolutionaries that work knowingly and unknowingly in the very ranks of the Bolivarian revolutionary movement for the CIA to overthrow Venezuela's legitimate government.

As a golden rule, whenever the CIA does not need a traitor anymore, before he could betray the very CIA itself, he is being eliminated too.

Please, let us take the Bolivarian Revolution very seriously, it is a matter of Life and Death!

In fact, the historical background to the Indonesian Massacre demonstrates a lot of similarities of how the CIA has been, and still is operating here in Venezuela. The USA, via the CIA funded an opposition political party; sponsored an aborted military coup in mid-1958, planned the assassination of Sukarno in 1961, it rigged the US intelligence reports, to get permission for covert actions, of course, aided by the international mass media.

All across the "Third World" we could detect this imperialist terror and terrorism that guard the ruling class interests of a few corporate families that own and control the world. Over the last six years, here in Venezuela, we have already tasted all the dirty tricks and murderous machinations of North American militarism and violence by social order.

If we are really against "terrorists", then, officially we have to mention them all, especially the father, the lair of all vipers.

Until now, the Bolivarian Revolution was just less violent than others, however, at no time it was peaceful. From the onset, the USA, its CIA and its "opposition" lackeys here, never have given the Venezuelan government a break. By all types of terrorist attacks it threatened, slandered, sabotaged its democratic, revolutionary endeavors.

In fact, nothing else can be expected by real, true revolutionaries; it is simply the brutal logic of global, fascist class rule. Day and night, every second, the US Department of State, the CIA, are preparing and planning the next vicious blows. Currently, we are experiencing the relative calm before the next barbaric storm. Now, more than ever, we cannot afford disunity, political vendettas, triumphalism, negligence and irresponsibility.

Big Brother is awaiting the appropriate moment for its next master plan -- that is, when the Bolivarian Revolution is at its weakest point, that can only come from within, as a result of the plagues of still existing corruption, conspiracies, clientelism, impunity, of middle class and bourgeois conceptions, illusions and wild dreams about a lost parasitic "paradise" of the "Fourth Republic", or about milk and honey flowing in Miami, or about the savory flesh-pots of the CIA.

The sacred duty of a militant revolutionary is self-critique, to sense coming dangers, lovingly to warn in time, before it is too late.

Our President categorically stated that the "path is socialism", hence, why still the political circus of juggling around with worn-out concepts and conceptions like "ideology", "revolutionary democracy" or "social democracy"?

The Beast, the Super-Cowboy, understands, and always understood, only one single language. In an emancipated, global world, we will have enough time to talk about the wonderful democratic things, will cherish them. At the moment, we are at war, whether we know it or not, hence, there are no conditions for the realization of "world peace", we have to pave the road, have to clear the serpentine narrow path, with a Russian made rifle, if necessary.

The North American capitalist and imperialist, the global fascist, is already at our very door-step, is in the Bolivarian Revolution itself. He does not use magic or voodoo; concretely, with arms of mass destruction, he is ready to devour our natural resources, water, oxygen, biodiversity, gas, oil, etc. Democracy, world peace, prayers, dialogues and class reconciliation will never stop him, never ever they did so, this he knows, that is why his army boot tramples on everything sacred.

Like in Cuba, what stopped him till now are our Intelligence, the audacious Sovereign, Armed Citizen Power, Armed Labor Power, Armed Labor Force, Class Struggle, the Armed Forces and as Castro said: an Armed Excellent Revolutionary Leader: Hugo Chavez Frias.