Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2005

Venezuela: What is the trans-historic quintessence of Capitalism?

On September 16, 2004, we have asked: "What is the trouble with capitalism, with capital, money, profits and power?"

Now that President Hugo Chavez Frias of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is convinced for the rest of his life that socialism is the path to get rid of capitalism, it is pertinent to ask the question again: What is the trouble with Capitalism?

To be truly victorious, what do we have to overcome, to transcend in Venezuela?

Against all counter-revolutionary ideologies and reformist practices, about what and why must we urgently develop an original, new emancipatory praxis and theory for our Bolivarian Revolution?

In concentrated, simplified form, here we will just summarize the five major evils of contemporary capitalism, that World Socialism, that the Bolivarian Revolution has to study profoundly, that we have to eradicate, to pave the true road towards still possible Human Emancipation.

As Christians we already know: Money is the root of all evil. However, a completely different story is: what is capitalism, what is its essential radix, its root that has to be eradicated by "social democracy", "revolutionary democracy" or real, true socialism?

Any serious scientific and philosophic analysis of the process of history, of human production over the last millennia, will immediately identify the fons et origo of all misery and poverty of the huge trans-historic social classes of slaves, serfs, peasants and workers, of "the wretched of the earth", of the "speaking tools", "pariahs", "scum", "natives", "kaffirs" and current "tin-collectors" of this world.

Inter alia, it will also reveal the material and spiritual source of the earthly, parasitic existence of successive, excessive, opulent minority classes of aristocratic and democratic slave masters, of Brahman castes, of Pharoan cliques, of polis elites, of cosmopolitan imperial conquistadores, of royal colonizers, of a feudalist, absolutist clergy, of racist, fascist war-mongers, of metropolitan, world dominating, corporate, elitist gangsters, of local "opposition" Quislings.

All these compound the millennia-old unilateral, absurd, perverse non-relation between Mother Nature and Father Society, between Matter and Spirit, between Object and Subject, between Body and Soul, between Hell and Heaven, between Reform and Revolution, between the Earth and Man.

It is called Alienation, Work, Labor, Toil, Money, Slavery, Feudalism, Capital, Profits, Capitalism, Imperialism, all in one ... and much more.

Global Work, Labor, Toil, Chattel and Wage Slavery ... the sources and resources of planetary ruling class opulence, wealth, privileges and power, at the current historic level of the Third Millennium ... all form the unified root of all our global problems, that threaten to extinguish the very human flame in our galaxy. In fact, this is the very diabolical life wire of Capitalism itself.

Its quintessential elements are:

* Economic exploitation: of objective and human nature, of natural resources, of human labor forces; converting them all into private property of the means of production, into goods, surplus and exchange values, into unilateral non-relations of things, into capital accumulation, centralization and monopolization, into ruling class, imperialist economic power, into forces of mass destruction;
* Political domination: of Nature and the dispossessed, pauperized, toiling, global masses of peoples, in the name of human "common good", "freedom, equality, brotherhood", of "democracy, social justice, and world peace", by the Platonic "Republic", via the "Civitas Dei", to the "Inquisition", to the Conquest by God's Grace, to the transatlantic slave trade, to the Maquiavellian "Prince", to Hobbes' Leviathan, to the Nazi "Third Reich", to South African Apartheid, to the current North American World Empire, in a word, to the already existing, ruling class, omnipotent, Orwellian Fascist State;
* Social discrimination: of billions of conquered, dispossessed and partially already sub-humanized peoples on the globe, by body and mind control, by religion and ideology, by segregation and racism, by mis-education and dis-socialization for barbarism, by centuries of divide et impera, by formal logics, as superstructural reflex and reflection of unequal exchange on the world market, as private property of the means of social communication, by splitting up the human species into antagonistic social classes, into violent class struggle, into sadistic, machista men and masochistic, suffering women, masters and slaves, landlords and serfs, Christians and pagans, lords and savages, colonizers and colonized, whites and blacks, civilized and barbaric nations, developed and under-developed peoples, and now, into American liberators and Arab terrorists;
* Universal militarization and militarism: as a result of centuries of European competition, of accumulation, of corruption, of a thousand years war, of "wars of the roses", of crusades, of military conquest, of massive arms production, of imperialist world wars, of Euro-American fabrication of arms of mass destruction, of "desert storms" by "noble eagles", of full-spectrum dominance, of savage attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Colombia, Palestine and Venezuela, of threatening Syria, North Corea, Iran and Libya, of Capital and Capitalists, Imperialists and Elitist War-Mongers: death and stench everywhere, all these have converted the whole planet into an extremely dangerous place to live on;
* Labor Alienation: trans-historically, after hundreds of thousands of years of slow creating and creative existence on the planet, mainly during the last five millennia, the whole human species landed in the epicenter of the Labor Moloch, in the "divine curse" of earning one's living by "the sweat of the brow"; of course, for unknown reasons to us, a small sector, the "chosen people", escaped and converted the whole planet into a labor hell for the absolute majority of mankind; (wo)man became alien to her/himself; nearly all human beings self-projected themselves into either gods or devils, and as the global labor process, the world market, is advancing, alienation itself is at work, and in geometric progression till this very day, it is permanently swallowing the whole of humanity.

To be revolutionary socialists, emancipatory liberators, the above is our trans-historic task -- the annihilation of the quintessence of Human Alienation.

The liberation goal of our Bolivarian Revolution, rooted in all our social projects, missions and endeavors, logically has to be the opposite of alienation, has to be creativity and creation, that is, human emancipation.

This is new, genuine and authentic ... this is our Socialism ...  permanent world revolution.