Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2005

Venezuela: The galactic winds singing eternally: ¡Uh, Ah! Chavez no se va!

On Thursday,  March 10, 2005, in Miami, Florida, on TV-Cable Channel 22, in the program "Maria Elvira Confronta", the Cuban-American reporter, Maria Elvira Salazar ... accompanied by the ex-CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, who participated in murdering Che Guevara in Bolivia, and also by a known Venezuelan "Contra", Luis Piña ... again publicly called for North American violent intervention in Venezuela, and openly for the assassination of President Chavez.

Officially the legitimate, democratic, popular, Bolivarian Government of Venezuela protested against this new info-war, this criminal intimidation and death squad conspiracy, but, as we know, as President Chavez himself has confirmed already, this terrorist order comes directly from Washington D.C., from the Bush, fascist administration.

What concerns us now, is the armed self-defense of Venezuela, the popular army, the armed people, armed citizen power, powerful armed citizens. Only, as such, we can achieve the nearly impossible, the defense of the historic life of our beloved President Hugo Chavez Frias. The North Americans could not save Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, from the death fangs of radical, fascist America.

How are we going to avoid the decapitation of the charismatic leader of the Bolivarian Revolution by the Orwellian Fascist Empire?

To answer the above question would necessitate volumes, here we will just touch on a few central revolutionary issues at stake.

Firstly, and this is why revolutionary práxis (not practice) and theory (not ideology) are necessary for emancipatory self-defense purposes, it concerns urgent criticism and imperative critique of obsolete, ideological, religious conceptions of history, of making history.

For millions in Latin America, who are deeply religious and staunch Christian believers, the answer is very simple: God makes History, God saved our Chavez till now, and He will protect him from the attacks of the national international evils and devils. Should anything go wrong, then it will be God's Will.

This is the "Great God" conception of history, brought to us by the European First Conquest. For the Second Conquest, according to Washington D.C., "Allah" is sending us the terrorist Bin Laden and his Arab Al Qaeda! Meanwhile, we should trust in God, in the US$, that is blessing America and the Universe.

With this kind of world outlook, with this passive, pacifist vision, we cannot do anything, nothing to save President Chavez. April 2002 has seen just the opposite, actively, offering their very lives, millions concretely defended their sovereignty.

Hence, let us look at the next conception of history, originated by Plato in his Republic: Great Ideas make History!

Of course, this Platonic, Neo-Platonic and even Plotinic idealist version of history has conquered the whole "civilized" world for millennia already, it forms the ideological basis of absolutist, feudalist, Roman Catholic Theology and Metaphysics.

Already under religious Stoicism, under Marc Aurelius, Seneca and Epitectus ... perfected by St. Augustine, the "Fathers of the Church", St. Thomas Aquinas, etc. ... legalized by the Dominican Order of the Inquisition, it already became Dark Age Roman Catholic super-structural ideology, that served the ruling interests of the clergy and nobility.

This conception of history, that great, divine ideas, "las palabras de diós", make history, allowed burning on the stake, torture and terrorism meted out to hundreds of thousands of rebellious peasants and serfs, including the upcoming bourgeois democratic natural scientists. The feudalist "condemned of the earth", from the pulpit, by religious disinformation campaigns, by lies and hoaxes, by info-war, were taught to fear their idealist, spiritual death more than their very horrible physical quartering and burning to death by their earthly lords, overlords and warlords.

The alienating quintessence of this conception of history Plato already summarized as follows: soma sema, the body is the tomb of the soul. Physics, Science, is the tomb of Theology, of Religion.

Ludwig Feuerbach revealed its religious alienation, and Marx described it as "the sigh of the oppressed creature", as "the heart of a heartless world" and the "soul of soulless conditions". Long before, before the birth of Marx, the British bishop Kingsley had called religion "the opium of the people".

The emergent bourgeois philosophers and scientists, Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilei, stood in the same "Shadow of the Sword of Damocles" like Chavez today!

Already during the "Caracazo", in 1989, as death knell of "savage neo-liberalism" in Venezuela, by sacrificing their very lives, thousands of starving masses stormed the earthly bastions of material capitalism, to get hold of the commodities, the robbed products of their own physical, exploited, manual labor, in order to survive on earth.

They did not storm heaven, not the churches, not the cathedrals. They sacked and ransacked what materially really should belong to them: the concrete products of private property of the means of production. They performed the birth of severe class struggles in Venezuela. If necessary, they will do it again!

They will even go to counter-violent, Fanonian guerrilla war, to defend their human rights, their family, their resources, their lives, their president, against US Global Fascism.

Many wanted already, that they did not commence as yet, goes on the human, humane, humanistic, democratic historic record of their revolutionary leader Chavez himself. Beware Washington D.C.! Don't threaten us!

In a nut shell, in 1989, the human subjective and objective revolutionary forces stormed capitalism in Venezuela. And, then they had no charismatic leader, Jesus Christ had nothing to do with all this, there was nothing messianic about all this, no "great ideas", no "great men" organized their victorious attack on world imperialism and corporatism.

The next conception: Great Men, by the Grace of a Great God, having Great Ideas, make Great History!

In 1961, the first book on Marxism that I ever read, that was forbidden in my homeland, the then fascist Apartheid South Africa, was J. V. Plechanov's "Fundamental Problems of Marxism", especially about "The Role of the Individual in History". Kindly study it, inspired by Che, and the Cuban Revolution, it created a constant, conscious revolutionary for over 45 years already.

Certainly, the above conception concerns tour current revolutionary problems, concerns President Chavez and Venezuela's Citizen Power.

Bertolt Brecht, in a famous poem, already indicated that no Pharaoh built the pyramids, that no Brahman built the Taj Mahal, that Napoleon or Bolivar alone, all by themselves, won no battle, no war.

Similarly, Chávez alone does not make the Bolivarian Revolution. This even Bush knows, hence, in wanting to murder Chávez, he intends to nip the Bolivarian World Revolution in its emancipatory bud. What he forgets: Chávez is not Ghadaafi, and Venezuela is not Libya, radically the historic context has changed for all of these social realities.

Already in the kindergarten, if ever we had something like that, in our primary and secondary "education", in dis-informative info-war campaigns, emasculating the revolutionary power of the masses, of the class struggle of the working peoples, we are being taught that great leaders, great men, individuals, kings, popes, chiefs or ministers make and break history. This continues in the universities, in our mass media, till the grave, and then, across the centuries, the official "great men", like Plato, Hitler, Stalin, or Napoleon, are again being resurrected and become ideological cannon fodder for imperial belicose purposes.

Any official history book can confirm this conception of history. Hence, history becomes simply the study of isolated, atomized, ossified great men, of ruling class declarations, conferences, peace treaties and formal logical dates.

The current historic truth is in any case classified and censured in Washington D.C. for the next 30 or 50 years. The CIA and United Nations Organization plots against Patrice Lumumba and Cheddi Jagan, among thousands of other examples, verify this information crime. Internationally, the same is now happening to Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution.

And, this takes us to the next conception of history, the sociological, racist one: Great Races make Great History!

Well, over the last five years, in Globalization, in the statements of the Bush administration and of the national and international mass media, slandering President Chávez and the poor, toiling masses of Venezuela, and the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America, this fascist conception, this Nazi language, these diatribes in the style of Goebbels and Goering ... about the "chosen people", the "Aryan race", the "axis of evil", of "tin-collectors", of "civilized races against barbaric, terrorist scum, chusma" ... are common everywhere. We need not tarry here much longer.

Just to mention a simple example. The famous world-renowned Marxist workers' song, "The International", from where Frantz Fanon had taken the title of his famous book, "The Wretched of the Earth", clearly states who and what make history, and that "no savior on high", not even "on low, on earth" will save us; defending ourselves, and therewith our democratically elected president, is the work of the international working peoples; hence, Venezuela's workers, working classes, make President Chávez, make the Bolivarian Revolution, make Revolutionary History.

During the previous series of democratic elections in Venezuela, in the "re-confirmed" referendum last year, the majority of Venezuelans, who performed responsibly their historic duty, who participated in their Citizen Power, stated that "I, We vote for Chávez!". This means that they voted for themselves. Victoriously, over 6 million "Chavezes" defended themselves as a socially united, as an individual "Chavez", and defended the individual leader Chavez as a social, historic reality.

Hence, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, if you cannot resist your fascist, capitalist, imperialist megalomania, if Afghanistan and Iraq are not yet enough, please come, to commit hara-kiri, meanwhile globally more armed millions of "Chavezes" are awaiting you!

To really assassinate Chavez historically, you will have to wipe Venezuela, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, Oceania, Asia, etc., from the very face of the Earth, and therewith yourselves too. And even then, eternally the galactic winds will still sing: ¡Uh, Ah! Chávez no se va!