Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2005

Venezuela: What should be OUR Venezuelan Socialism

"We have to invent the new socialism for the 21st century.
Capitalism is not a sustainable model of development."
Hugo Chavez, March 4, 2005.

To invent something new, original, authentic and indigenous, is one thing, it has nothing alike, it never existed anywhere before.

To "invent a new socialism" in Venezuela, in Latin America, is something completely different.

Globally, it just means to invent "our socialism," created by our contemporary historical reality, serving our revolutionary and emancipatory necessities, and therewith, the working class and proletarian interests of all the exploited, dominated, discriminated and alienated peoples of the globe.

To achieve this momentous objective, a conditio sine qua non is to know what is socialism, what is capitalism, what is socialist revolution, what is capitalist revolution all about. At first, scientifically we have to identify socialism itself, as historic reality, only then, philosophically can we differentiate our new socialism.

We should not forget that over the last 150 years, we have experienced a galaxy of socialist appearance forms: "true socialism", "utopian socialism", "social democracy", "communism", "Soviet socialism", "Marxism", "Marxism-Leninism", "Chinese socialism", "Arab socialism", "Christian socialism", "African socialism", "International Socialism", "democratic socialism", "socialist democracy", "co-operative socialism", "revolutionary socialism", and, the worst one of them all, "national socialism", Nazism, Fascism.

In fact, to crown it all, once upon a time, Carlos Andres Perez was an "international socialist", furthermore, we have just sworn in a new "socialist" prime minister in capitalist Portugal!

It is extremely dangerous recklessly to handle philosophic concepts like "revolution", "theory" or "socialism", consequently converting them into useless, ideological straw or empty, dis-informative shells, as reactionary arms, that can only serve the global, class interests of press agencies like Reuters, Fox News, CNN, etc., can feed imperialist info-war campaigns.

If we do not know what a specific concept denotes, at best, is to avoid its usage altogether, and to formulate our very own theoretical concepts and give them our own revolutionary connotations. This President Julius Nyerere of Tansania did forty years ago, and simply called his liberation project, in African style, Ujamaa.

This is new, is not the resurrection of obsolete, over and over, perennial, masticated ideological straw, dogmas and doctrines.

If we know with scientific precision and philosophic incision what we are doing and talking about, about Socialism in Venezuela and Latin America, then we have to apply it in its total reality, in its trans-historic context, as revolutionary and emancipatory global process. Then, Socialism does not even necessitate the adjectives, scientific and philosophic, then it is essentially and existentially workers', proletarian science and philosophy, that is, creating citizen práxis and creative peoples' theory.

During the age of of the Spanish Inquisition, while Europe fell into barbarism, into total obscurantist darkness, into Roman, imperial, catholic, absolutist, idealist contemplation, meditation, theology and metaphysics, already Avicenna and Averroes ... the Arab, Aristotelian, materialist forefathers of the current honored President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Jatami ... knew what the above really means, what socialism is all about: about natura naturata and natura naturans, about dialectical, creating, creative and created nature and society.

In a previous VHeadline commentary, "Venezuela: The Achilles' Heel of the US Empire", I explained the trans-historical processes, the revolutionary links of socialism as the Opposite, as the Negation of Capitalism:

"The fact of the matter is that Socialism is the dialectical Negation of a real, definite World Process, of a system which all over reflects various exploitative and dominating appearance forms of the very same thing, of Capitalism.
Its global nexus is money, money relations, thing relations, alienation.
As Socialism, this is what the Bolivarian Revolution should, must negate: Capitalism in Venezuela, in Latin America, in the Universe."

Hence, worldwide, Socialism, as Negation, is identified across its very own Affirmation, Capitalism. Who knows what is Capitalism in Venezuela, knows what is Socialism in Latin America. And, thus we know what is Trotsky's World, Permanent Revolution, the dialectical process, the inexorable, violent class struggles, between the two sides of the very same thing, of Globalization, of Production, of the Labor Process, of History.

All these precisely reveal what President Chavez is negating, what is the quo vadis of the Bolivarian Revolution, what are Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Corporatism, Anti-Empire ... what is Socialism, which in any case ab ovo is ours.

Then, we also know what has to be excelled, be surpassed, be annihilated, in order to realize the Bolivarian Constitution, to reach Emancipation.

However, the Puntofijista and the Bolivarian constitutions still coincide in an essential, very delicate issue: both guard the quintessence of capitalism, private property of the means of production. This is something that we, compatriots, have to reflect very seriously about. Surely, the Bolivarian Revolution offers many alternatives, but the dominant mode of production in Venezuela is still Capitalism.

A "socialism" that needs a special adjective for identification, is not standing on its own dialectical feet, is formal logically lame, is ideological, and thus, can not survive, can not exist at all.

Currently, although we still stand at the foot of the emancipatory watch-tower, and thus cannot see its warning light very clearly, cannot fathom its true anti-capitalism, its real socialism, yet, the Bolivarian Revolution, in its accelerated impetus, momentum and velocity, driven on by the ferocious attacks of Globalization, in geometric progression is becoming the very tip of the global permanent revolutionary ice-berg, that is fatally striking the rapidly sinking capitalist Titanic.