Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2005

Venezuela: The Achilles' Heel of the US Empire

World Capitalism is an immense historical process, that over millennia has evolved and developed itself in definite places and specific times on planet Earth. The accumulation of capital towards a mode of predominantly industrial and technological production occurred in a scientifically identifiable continental natural habitat and social framework.

Progressively, departing from Europe, as French Revolution, by globalizing itself, on a world scale eventually it radically changed all previous modes of production, also their very energetic base, especially their economic, political, military, moral and social relations and means of production. (As theoretical refreshment, see: Marx and Engels, "Communist Manifesto" and "Capital").

Various scientists and philosophers ... like John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin, Ernst Bloch, Kwame Nkrumah, Eduardo Galeano, Andre Gunder Frank, Heinz Dieterich, the Latin American "Dependence" thinkers, etc. ... all have studied and criticized capitalism and imperialism in its real, true, historic context, as it was generated from the metropolitan countries and disseminated across the globe.

One needs not be a "Marxist", "socialist", "communist" or "terrorist" to study capitalism scientifically and philosophically. This has nothing to do with Euro-centric thinkers and thought, it concerns studying revolutionary and emancipatory realities in their true, continental, global context.

World capitalism did not originate in the Antarctic Ocean, also its real, true, historical negation, socialism, was not a product of the social conflicts of the BaThwa or Khoisan peoples living in the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa.

Socialism or Communism, that, in the last analysis, are practically synonymous concepts, theoretically are being used to indicate the internal, dialectical Negation within the global, capitalist process of production, within our current world system.

They do not think for us, also they are not just at random invented ideological straw, to be used as info-war slogans by Reuters. As terms, they are simply philosophic words, still very inefficient language or thought tools, that connote real developmental processes within world history. They are intellectual approximations to concrete realities, to global truths.

In a nut-shell, we ourselves make Socialism, we think it, we excel it, of, by and for ourselves.

Which word or term we actually use or apply, that we invent or re-invent, is of minor significance, as Juliet stated, "call a rose by any other name, it will smell just as sweet"; hence, we could call Socialism, ... Ujamaa, revolutionary democracy, Stalinism, Marxism, Bolshevism, terrorism, desarrollo endógeno or even chavismo.

The fact of the matter is that Socialism is the dialectical Negation of a real, definite World Process, of a system which all over reflects various exploitative and dominating appearance forms of the very same thing, of Capitalism.

Its global nexus is money, money relations, thing relations, alienation.

As Socialism, this is what the Bolivarian Revolution should, must negate: Capitalism in Venezuela, in Latin America, in the Universe.

This links the trans-historic, emancipatory, international endeavors of all our revolutionary and emancipatory heroes, like Bolivar, Che, Lumumba, Fanon, Tito, Ho Chi Minh, etc. This, Socialism, is the global clarion call of all the starving masses in India and elsewhere who salute Chávez across the globe. This is World Socialism, Our Socialism, which is intimately related to the Bolivarian Revolution.

As Carlos Herrera correctly suggests: "For the time being, let's just call it the Bolivarian Revolution. Let's keep it straight forward."

In this commentary, Carlos Herrera explains and underlines the Bolivarian revolutionary elements "of socialism and nationalism, and even though Chavez always speaks about anti-capitalism, the private sector does not look as if it will be closed down and oil and gas concessions to multinationals are still being granted, but with a twist -­ the next tranche will probably be granted to Brazilian, Chinese, Indian and Iranian companies. Why? Simply because the US oil transnationals belong to a hegemonic, expansionist, imperialist regime which has historically sucked the oil, like sucking someone's blood, from Venezuela for more than a century. Enough is enough."

As Negation, as world socialist revolutionary endeavor, Alfredo Bremont in another VHeadline commentary, points out that "Oil is the only real weapon. Stop oil ... and you stop the world."

This correctly identifies the immediate crux of the prevalent issues at stake in Venezuela and elsewhere: "It is the Bolivarian revolution that is being targeted by Washington D.C. ... not the Head of State."

However, the demand to stop oil supplies to the capitalist, imperialist, corporate world, that is, to the USA and its corporate belligerent allies, which means "stopping the world," is a very serious matter.

An immediate, unorganized crash of the world market, of the current global system in agony, would cause instantaneously the painful death of hundreds of millions of innocent victims.

Of course, on the other hand, all by themselves, strategically against US intervention, "Bolivarian citizens can now, democratically, demand a reduction of oil shipments to Washington, if not a complete suspension."

However, dialectics, ever since Heracleitus, teaches us that "War is the Father of All Things". Capitalism invented and re-invented its very own revolution, social revolution, social classes, class struggles, class wars, and therewith passed them on to its real, true Negation, to Socialism.

How are we going to make, to realize any social or socialist revolution anywhere, without modern, re-invented counter-class struggles?

Why don't we also apply a class analysis to the very Bolivarian Revolution?

As class, what is the emerging middle class en positivo in Venezuela supposed to be, to do?

How are we going to achieve Latin American Integration and Unity without a fervent, ferocious international class struggle, without a "class war" (Lula)?
Are we not all "working"? Do we not form modern working classes?
What are the Cisneros, Mendozas and Capriles? "Citizens"? "The Sovereign"? "The People"? "Venezuelans"? Do they all love Venezuela, the "tin-collectors"?

Currently, of all the peoples of the world, the Venezuelans are the most politicized peoples on the globe, this means, that they have a class consciousness. In 2002, they have verified that they possess even a revolutionary class consciousness.

When are we going to analyze scientifically and philosophically these unique class phenomena and express them as revolutionary praxis and emancipatory theory? As paradigms for the permanent world socialist revolution?

This Venezuelan political and social class consciousness of the Truth ... as expressed globally by President Hugo Chavez Frias, is what the US "Empire" fears most.

It is its Achilles' Heel.