Franz J.T. Lee, February, 2005

Awaiting the US "Noble Eagles," let us put oil in our already flaming lamps!

Among other factors, economically, the current material and social contents of the Bolivarian Revolution are visibly expressed in the national and nationalistic class interests of the Venezuelan and Latin American upper middle classes, businessmen and entrepreneurs vis-a-vis their real dialectical negation, the huge transnational corporations. 200 of them already control 40% of world production.

However, politically and socially, as a result of a virulent, raging, continental class struggle, the real, true, creative essence and existence of this revolution, irrespective of their low levels and limited degrees, are reflected in the dire class interests and growing consciousness, in the massive popular actions and unconditional political support of the Latin American impoverished masses, the unemployed and homeless, the toiling buhoneros, peasants and workers.

This is the time-bomb, Latin America ... only radical, fundamental, revolutionary transformation can still avoid an apocalyptic disaster for millions.

At the same time, concerning the radical middle classes, the Bolivarian Revolution is a new Renaissance of revolutionary intellectuals, ideas and theories, not only of Latin America, but also of the Caribbean, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere, that scientifically and philosophically begin to support the current raging global Dien Bien Phu against the new North American Conquest.

The revolutionary vanguard of a new global intelligentsia, definitely confronted by a possible planetary Armageddon, begins to wake up out of their decades of sectarian slumber, of Stalinist "Marxism-Leninism", of socialist and communist "catechisms", of exclusive, ideological purity, of classical, revolutionary models, of imperialist Monroe doctrines, of reformist Prebishian dependence and of Keynesian dogmas or "Neo-Liberal" savagery.

Like Alan Woods, Heinz Dieterich, James Petras, Ignacio Ramonet, Martha Harnecker, Gloria Gaitan, and many others, the revolutionary intelligentsia notes, that a New Science and Authentic Philosophy dawns on the possible emancipatory horizon, that because of the historical social order of the global Bolivarian Revolution, it has to transcend the geocentric and heliocentric, ruling class world outlooks, their lies and brain-washing mechanisms, that until now have reflected master-slave relations, exploitative agricultural and dominating industrial production. This simply means, that methodologically we have to break loose from our limited, absolute, formal logical and intra-systemic dialectical chains, and cross the Rubicon, towards future, creative praxico-theoretical modes of life.

In this way, as global efforts, the new, authentic Bolivarian Praxis and Theory are being born.

Progressively, as can be witnessed by all the latest conferences and forums, organized by the revolutionary government of Venezuela, also as necessary emancipatory deepening of the socially permanently pregnant process, this revolutionary spearhead rapidly begins to realize that all the different anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-corporate, global tendencies, continuously and constantly have to be canalized into the dialectical Negation of current North American hegemonial, global fascism in the making.

In short, trans-historically, the intellectuals, supporting the Latin American Revolution, are beginning to realize what the Bolivarian Revolution truly is all about, that is, in spite of its neocolonial birthmarks, of its emergence out of the past puntofijista quagmire, it is not the following:

* it is not merely a pacifist, Gandhist "revolución bonita",
* it is not a bourgeois-democratic, reformist, social stalemate,
* it is not a populist, nationalist, or even militarist, "fascist" or Bonapartist photocopy.

In reality, it is part of that permanent revolutionary internationalism of which Spartacus, Bolivar, Jose Marti, Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Josip Broz Tito, Frantz Fanon, Ho Chi Minh, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung, and other true revolutionaries, have dreamt about over the last centuries.

It is Chavez' historic task, his revolutionary reality.

Thus, in this internationalist revolutionary spirit, if PDVSA is the economic heart of Venezuela, then Venezuela is the heart-beat of an integrated Latin America. If we study our economic figures very carefully, then Venezuela, as a country, in all probability has the greatest oil, gas, water, oxygen and biodiversity reserves of the planet. HAARP can verify this any time, and the Bush clique knows this perfectly well.

Small wonder that the US-organized Phoenix death squads have Chavez fully, in the center of their mortal visors. Capturing Venezuela would give the US leprosy-infested dollar, its chronic budget deficit, its contagious oil vulnerability and its sky-rocketing trillions of internal and external debt, a new lease of life, a still longer, heinous, global. destructive, Orwellian reign of terror.

Hence, in the above sense, as an integrated Latin American front, independently aligning itself with any new competitors for global power -- China, Russia, Europe, etc. -- in the dialectical correlation of international forces, whose life and death struggles are approximating breaking point, their nodal point, Venezuela is a decisive "small" power to reckon with in the current world battle for a multi-polar order, against North American Global Fascism.

Currently, totally stoned, completely power drunk, having taken a full dose of their "full spectrum dominance" hemlock, Bush, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice are generating ill intoxicating winds around their invented, virtual "axis of evil." All over, in the vicinity of countries that supposedly "harbor terrorists", droughts, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes suddenly appear in battalions.

Ruppert Murdoch, Gustavo Cisneros, CNN, Fox News, Globovision, El Nacional, etc., in counter-revolutionary battle array, are spitting info-war fire, are already launching the first line of a possible barbaric attack against Venezuela. This is a clear signal that soon the interventionist storm will again darken Venezuela's azure beaches and blue skies. Operations Condor and Phoenix are already beginning to eliminate their first human targets. President Chávez' very life is in danger.

In the past, we have warned about such destabilization plans. Many were not realized because they were discovered in time, and became open secrets. That they did not occur, has nothing to do with shouting: "Wolf, Wolf, ... Bush, Bush!" We did not err, they were simply aborted because we warned in time, because we were prepared for any eventuality. Similarly, in this sense, this time, we seriously warn again.

Jacta alea est! Ever since April 2002, our armed revolutionary struggle here in Venezuela has begun. Latin America, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, etc., what are we still peacefully waiting for? For Bush, Rumsfeld, Condoleezza, the UNO and the OAS, to fetch us violently "one by one" (Chavez)?!

This historical situation, illustrated before, has created, is and will be creating permanently the Bolivarian Revolution, the World Revolution. This social matrix is accelerating its praxical velocity and its theoretical momentum, is driving it towards global, permanent revolutionary heights, towards an emancipatory exodus out of this horrendous capitalist, imperialist, corporate inferno, out of this vale of billion-fold human woe. It is a world revolution, and like the Paris Commune, it "storms heaven" itself (Marx), it is a central element of the global rescue of human, humane and humanist life on planet earth.

This is why we cannot, must not fail.

When the Bush government attacks us, not many friends will come to our aid, certainly not the "Friends of Venezuela", we necessarily have to defend ourselves by taking up arms.

"Last Sunday in the President’s weekly radio and TV program “Alo Presidente,” Chavez called on the “revolutionary squads” to prepare themselves and organize the local populace. This is the first time he has mentioned this strategy to my certain knowledge. Previous to this ... about two years ago ... the abandoned military reserve had been reactivated consisting mainly of men and women who had once served in the military and who had been trained is the use of arms. The establishment of the reservists started with 50,000 and by July this year should be in the region of 190,000-­200,000.

These reservists are paid, armed and encouraged to form cooperatives so as to generate both wealth and work in the function of the needs of the country. Venezuela’s armed forces consist of 120,000 men and women in all four components -­ Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard.

These numbers are due to be increased and fresh weapons purchased from Brazil and Russia in preparation for the defense of the homeland against any external threat as outlined above. Even though the official line is that the 100,000 AK 47 assault rifles from Russia will be used to replace outdated bolt action weapons, the latter will still exist in order to arm the population in the case of an emergency."

All suffering, exploited, dominated, discriminated, alienated peoples, fighting for human dignity and survival, have to enter immediately into this armed arena of global emancipation, have to support the Bolivarian Revolution wholeheartedly.

Herrera, very precisely has explained the above as follows:

"We will not shirk to defend ourselves and our country since this is not just about Venezuela….but about all the underprivileged and excluded in Central America, the Caribbean basin and South America, in fact the poor on all continents who represent around 4 billion human beings at the last count."

Latin America: Awaiting the US "Noble Eagles", let us put oil in our already flaming lamps!