Franz J.T. Lee, February, 2005

The Fox showing its Draculian, blood-sucking, rotting teeth

On February 2, 2005, VHeadline warned: "Fox News is running a special on Venezuela. Is Fox beginning the brainwashing process, laying the ground work for something being planned by the Bush administration?"

Two days later, commentarist Elio Cequea confirmed: "The presentation by Fox News of a series of "foxy"-made reports has placed the network right at the front line of attack on Venezuelan democracy."

Meanwhile, Bush threatens Syria and Iran, and Uribe, because he suddenly fell ill at the right moment, as promised he cannot meet President Chávez in Caracas -- What is cooking? This we will know pretty soon within the next month or so!

However, allow us to comment on the question: "Is Fox beginning the brain-washing process ... against Venezuela?"

Brain-washing or brain-laundering of the masses, movements, slaves, believers, subjects and workers, by their ideologues, demagogues, masters, priests, kings and leaders, respectively, are not modern novelties or inventions by Fox or CNN.

Already at the dawn of European "Civilization", in Ancient Greece, where the original accumulation of capital was launched ... "dripping from head to foot, with dirt and blood" (Karl Marx) ... in his Republic, Plato, in Hitler, racist, fascist style, taught the future ruling classes, the true zoon politikon, how to censure "news", how to control the minds and bodies of their "speaking tools" (Aristotle), who for US war-mongers present great orgiastic "fun to kill."

In my book, "History of Wisdom", Chapter XII, "Plato: Subject of Objective Idealism", Mérida, Venezuela, 2003, I wrote: "Not so long ago, during the Olympic Games of Los Angeles, 'Big Brother' demonstrated the 'golden' duality of North America; and other 'minor' countries like Venezuela had to rejoice in their 'bronze' sportsmanship. Now, at the eve of the Third Millennium, in its 'New Wars' the American 'Fourth Empire' verifies that 'Democracy' is 'the rule of those bearing arms'. In the final analysis, like in the case of the ancient slave-owning aristocracy, only the United States of America have the timocratic power to guard virtuous international politan interests."

Within this historic context, in this republican, educational, political and dissocialization tradition, the current US infowar, war of ideas, disinformation campaigns and full spectrum dominance have to be seen.

In a previous VHeadline commentary, on November 24, 2004, I wrote: " ... it is important to note that the various European ruling classes have generated this Mental Holocaust precisely to destroy free choice, free will, subjectivity, theory, self-determination. Already Plato, in his Republic had suggested the necessary political application of big lies to rule the masses, in other words, the institutionalization of an ideological holocaust; Machiavelli and Hobbes refined its social functions, and Hitler openly revealed its fascist nature: 'If you want to control a people, control its education.' "

News, information and "facts" fall in the category of education, of teaching humanity the truth. Precisely this, since millennia, is a global rarity on planet earth. Generally, what are being disseminated by the huge mass media, like Fox, CNN, Voice of America, Washington Post, etc., controlled by global class ruling interests, are half-truths, blatant lies, unilateral data, foggy "facts," slimy, eternally ruminated, "absolute truths," singular events placed out of focus, manipulated of words, thoughts or images, in short, disinformation, ideology. Just read the current "news," disseminated by Fox about Venezuela to verify what is "information war."

And why?

The answer is very simple: Lies have short wings, once launched, they need a myriad of lies to cover up the original Big Lie.

From the onset, the national and international mass media, in their own oligarchic and corporate interests, fabricated heinous lies about the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. Ever since, over the last five years, to cover up these lies, to launch overt and covert destabilization campaigns against a legitimate, democratic Venezuelan government, in the name of "freedom," they have to magnify the Mental Holocaust, the global barbaric Mind and Thought Control that the USA now already brutally exercise over billions.

What is there to hide?

A definite, concrete Bolivarian Revolutionary Alternative ... see its Constitution and social projects, its popularity in Venezuela, Latin America, and in the rest of the subjugated world ... to the endless imperialist pillage, global capitalist plundering, advanced planetary destruction: Globalization, that is, economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, genocidal militarization and beastly dehumanization, that is, total alienation of humanity, especially in the "Third World."

This is what Fox is doing now, astutely preparing the indoctrinated, manipulated minds to accept possible, future, military, interventionist atrocities in Venezuela and Latin America.

Time is running out, the run on the US$ has begun, the petro euro dawns on the financial horizon, the economic bankruptcy of the North American Leviathan is a reality.

For Clausewitz, this kind of international wind is sowing a dreadful, coming storm, a life and death power struggle of titans, a global "awestruck."

The European and Eastern competitors for a place under the sun, are already joining hands, organizing their united, belligerent plans, for World War III, that has begun already. They know that the proxy wars will be followed by the bellicose confrontation of major powers, that may terminate in global conflagration.

Venezuela, this is the historical, global panorama in which the Fox shows its Draculian, blood-sucking, rotting teeth.