Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2005

Venezuela ... from current proxy wars to superpower confrontation

Although as a result of globalization, as the social realization of the French and Industrial Revolutions, as Marx (and Engels) already predicted in the Communist Manifesto and in Capital, late economics ... mainly as production by "intellectual labor forces," accompanied by machines and computers, by social labor ... has moved into the realm of the current global, social superstructure, into politics and vice versa.

Yet very few of our analyses, our commentaries, have a sound politico-economic or economic-political approach to the current precarious situation of Venezuela in particular, and of the whole globe in general.

One of the fundamental reasons for this "ideological" blockage is simply that according to official academia, living scientific and philosophic socialism, Marxism, is out,  "obsolete" ... and that Plato and Jesus Christ are in.

Hence, scientific studies of the history of the modern labor movement, of its structural changes, of all social revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries, of political economy, the classics of Marxism, dialectics and materialist philosophy, are progressively vanishing into the epicentral lava of the global disinformation Moloch.

In the daily huge official news bulletins, as a result of atomized, blurred, controlled fragments of global reality, relations, contradictions, abstractions, in reality, thought itself, the theory and philosophy, all land in the furnace of Orwellian Newspeak.

Destroying human thought and social consciousness on a global scale is the destruction of humanity itself. Over the last years, in the Missions, in the fields of alphabetization and education, with the help of revolutionary Cuba, much has been accomplished in Venezuela to overcome this global, fascist plague, nonetheless, this is just a fresh, cool drop on the burning lava of global Mind and Thought Control.

Only with an historic approach, with scientific precision and philosophic incision, with dialectical, dialogical arms of political economy, as a cooperative of global revolutionaries, as class conscious Citizen Power, can we fathom the current world reality, can we study serious works about the world energy crisis, about the coming collapse of the USA, of the world market. Only as such the Bolivarian Revolution can inter-relate its immediate, national tasks, with medium-ranged continental objectives, with the totality of international, permanent, galactic creativity, creation and emancipation.

Otherwise, it will be suffocated by the same oligarchic, social structures of yesteryear, that it wants to annihilate, will be captured by the counter-revolution, that could result in intellectual degeneration, widespread corruption, "clientilism," barren populism and parochial nationalism. This would be the end of the "revolución bonita."

The corruption of the best is the worst corruption!

In previous commentaries we have portrayed this "possible, black, golden future" of Venezuela and, in total solidarity, we have warned about the coming dangers, about our precious life and heroic death struggle, to care, to nurture and to enrich this unique practical-theoretical revolutionary paradigm for the world, for humanity.

We inter-related various important elements of the current world crisis, the projects for a "New American Century" ... the Twin Towers with Pearl Harbor ... the energy crisis with Iraq and Venezuela ... the occult plans to massacre billions of obsolete physical labor forces with the present "intellectual labor forces" ... with Corporate America ... with its genocidal wars ... with its huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction ... with its puppet regimes in Israel and Colombia ... with Orwellian global fascism, alias Globalization.

We came to the conclusion that within this very decade the future of humanity may be decisive, could be decided; in fact, its very "to be or not to be" may be at stake.

This is not an irresponsible exaggeration; for the ten thousands of victims of the Twin Towers, of Bush's bloody wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, of Fallujah ... it was the end of the world, is Armageddon, final Apocalypse.

By pure chance, more precisely, by our own practical-theory, we here in Venezuela were saved in 2002. In Indonesia, a while ago, after a US-orchestrated military coup, over 300,000 "communists" were slaughtered within one day ... this should never ever repeat itself here.

Now, continuing our "Ex-Formation" projects ... that negate the current info-wars and disinformation campaigns of the international mass media, controlled and financed by massive global corporations, revealing such big hoaxes like "Al Qaeda," "Bin Laden," "Arab and Venezuelan terrorism," "anti-drug wars," "liberation of Iraq," etc ... let us briefly remark about an important writing that everybody should read to understand what are the politico-economic implications of the current fascist world misery.

It concerns the latest writing of Michael C, Ruppert, The Beginning of the Oil End Game. Here, we will just quote some relevant passages, and make simple remarks, to encourage further studies of this up-to-date "menetekel" on our global "war of woe."

What Ruppert is explaining is precisely what we delineated in our past VHeadline commentaries: the fact that the major powers, like the USA, Europe, Russia and China, are violently competing with each other for future global hegemony, and are thus risking an All-Out World War. And this is occurring while facing the probable 2007/8 oil cliff, about which Thomas Bearden has also warned in 2000 already.

Obviously ... as we have underlined so often ... the politico-economic quintessence of the current global crisis is not the grabbing of natural resources in old colonial style, it is a world order in crisis, the battle of the corporate titans, to get hold of the few remaining energetic resources of the planet, and to determine who will be the future boss on a barren, lonesome, radio-active planet.

Ruppert calls this: "Rapid Global Realignment Competition."

The three key facts of overriding significance to current world events, he summarizes as follows:

FACT ONE: Crude oil prices have doubled since 2001, but oil companies have increased their budgets for exploring new oil fields by only a small fraction. Likewise, U.S. refineries are working close to capacity, yet no new refinery has been constructed since 1976. And oil tankers are fully booked, but outdated ships are being decommissioned faster than new ones are being built. - Mark Williams, Technology Review, February 2005
FACT TWO - Let's forget about economic growth, how about just offsetting declines. If Mr. Raymond's curve reflects reality we would still have to find about 30 Gb/yr. How are we doing?
FACT THREE -- Look at this imbalance: The average American consumes 25 barrels of oil a year. In China, the average is about 1.3 barrels per year; in India, less than one…

The challenge is huge.

For China and India to reach just one-quarter of the level of US oil consumption, world output would have to rise by 44%. To get to half the US level, world production would need to nearly double. That's impossible. The world's oil reserves are finite. And the view is spreading that global oil output will soon peak. -- The Christian Science Monitor, January 20, 2005

Now, what does Ruppert conclude, based on these facts?
What do they predict for Venezuela's black, golden future?

In spite of the oil agreements signed between Venezuela and Iran, Russia and China, why are global investments in oil exploration and refinery construction declining?

Why does the USA simply decide to grab these resources by force?

"These three facts alone dictate a global mêlée over oil and that is in fact what is happening. It seems clear now that the world's major oil consuming nations have decided to position themselves to control as much oil as possible before the now certain 2007 cliff event. The first fact underscores a point FTW has been making for years now. Even if Peak Oil was some fabrication (hard to believe at this point), the world is behaving as though it were quite real and imminent. The fact that there is virtually no exploration or refinery construction means that the majors understand clearly that there is no more significant oil to find and their investments would never be paid off."

Currently, the battle lines are already drawn across the planet, the "axis of evil" is identified.

Ruppert concludes in asking the decisive question: How many wars can the US fight? How big is Gulliver's reach? These Lilliputians are not gathering in one convenient place to be swatted. They are spreading Gulliver very thin and showing no fear. How long before shots are fired; first in proxy wars, then in direct superpower confrontations?

That time cannot be far off."

Currently, the US-generated "proxy war" between Venezuela and Colombia is in full military preparation; President Uribe of Colombia is a strategic part of this new master plan of military invasion, in which Zulia will play a central role. This new destabilization campaign against Venezuela may be launched within the next weeks. Important scenarios and projections we find in a recent article of Heinz Dieterich: Uribe va por la guerra.

Urgently, we have to counter the waves of disinformation campaigns that will precede this attack, and it is of ultra-necessity for the whole of Latin America, to declare immediate solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

These are the current realities that a sound knowledge of political economy can reveal. Hence, Venezuela and Latin America, begin to arm yourselves, your military forces and powerful citizens, not only for the currently raging proxy wars, but also for the coming superpower confrontation that is just around the corner.