Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2004

Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution versus the counter-revolution

Any revolution is in motion, moves, develops, advances. Social revolutions, exactly because they are social, are historical, are not isolated, are not islands, are inter-related to other global processes.

This is definitely the case of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution.

This also implies ... because it deepens itself, revolutionizes itself ... that it obeys the laws of motion, the science of motion, that is, of dialectics. According to the latter, a social revolution is a contradiction, is a unity and contradiction of opposites, in other words, it appears with its own negation, with the counter-revolution, with the obsolete that refuses to die.

Until now, over the last years, in spite of many setbacks, with great leaps and huge bounds, precisely this dialectical "whip of the counter-revolution" ... spearheaded by the obsolete "opposition" and US corporate imperialism in historical agony ... has driven the Bolivarian Revolution towards new, unknown heights, global magnitude, militant workers' aspirations and optimistic, international solidarity.

Within the current capitalist fangs and imperialist pangs, in such times of severe world crisis, generated by virulent depression, barbaric recession and savage repression, the reigning world order reveals its real, true, fascist quintessence ... its merciless, economic exploitation, its heinous, political domination, its racist, social discrimination, its brutal, genocidal militarism and its endless dehumanizing alienation.

Within this historical context, the Bolivarian Revolution came into being, is living, staying alive.

Surely, it is original, authentic and new, is being created by Latin American anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist forces, but it is also the trans-historic creation of all previous, global, social revolutions, and is the vanguard of coming, international emancipatory struggles. Even if many of us are not aware of these dramatic events, definitely, US and European corporate imperialism, including their future, potential competitors, are fully aware of this dangerous, revolutionary, anti-capitalist paradigm.

Counter-revolutionary dangers lurk everywhere, sometimes there where they are least expected, in our beds, in our family, at our workplace, in our missions and projects, in our military ranks, in church, in our very ministries.

Right here in Venezuela, over the last five years, we have experienced all these simple cases already ... and there are still many new complex counter-revolutionary variants to come.

Surely. it would be most unwise, would be folly, publicly to wash our clothes in the machines of the enemy. It is our sacred, revolutionary duty, all by ourselves, to purify our very own praxis and theory. It is in our own class interest not to indulge in the uncountable, obnoxious "rumors," the vile character-assassinations of Bolivarian patriots, in the eternal destabilizing campaigns, the damaging sabotage acts and global disinformation wars.

However, dialectics teach us that every social revolution has an inherent negation, its driving force, an internal and external counter-revolution, and vice versa. In fact, both counter-revolutions are related, when the external counter-revolution is most powerful ... for example, the past attacks of the "opposition" and the USA ... then the internal counter-revolution is weakened, then the revolutionary movement is more consolidated. When the external pressure is somehow reduced for a while, then the internal contradictions of the liberatory movements are deepened, then the "revolution within the revolution" gains momentum.

This is currently happening within the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela ... this is the time when the social revolution has to demonstrate its true nature, its anti-reformism, class character ... to reveal its class struggle, nurture its class consciousness, concretize its real, national, anti-capitalist latency, globalize its true, international, anti-imperialist tendency.

Anything less, anything else, would decelerate the revolution, would be suicide.

Currently, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela has entered in its decisive stage; it finds itself at the dialectical crossroads, just before crossing the emancipatory Rubicon, towards possible unconditional, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist emancipation.

Now, more than ever ... like during the critical situation of the attempted coup and oil sabotage of 2002 ... we have to be alert, to be in total battle array.

In spite of "dialogues" and "reconciliation" between "Capital and Labor," there is no time left any more for political procrastination, for cheap triumphalism, reckless celebrations.

Scientifically and philosophically, we have to direct the dialectical, revolutionary correlation of social forces ourselves ... we have to launch armed Citizen Power against all violent, national and international counter-revolutionary machinations.