Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2004's firewall eliminated 11,468 viruses in the space of one hour

11,468 computer viruses were eliminated in the space of one hour by's firewall at around 7:00 p.m. New York time yesterday, November 22 ... the corporate enemy is becoming desperately dangerous ... all this reminds me of a fatally wounded man-eater that launches the barbaric "law of the jungle," that becomes more ferocious as it nears its inexorable demise.

Anybody who carefully has studied Hegel's "Phenomenology of the Mind," replacing the "World Spirit" or "Reason," with "Capital" and also its materialistic complement, Marx's "Capital" ... especially the tendential Developmental Laws of Capital & Labor ... and also updating them with current world realities, can detect with scientific precision very scholarly in which epoch we currently find ourselves, and, what our immediate future Quo Vadis would be like: at best, it could be neither Socialism nor Barbarism, but Emancipation; at worst, it will definitely be Orwellian Peace, World Peace, Eternal Rest in Peace.

Yes, the modern ABC... WMD'S are being extended into cyberspace, softly and silently, hundred thousands of mortal micro-viruses are creeping towards us, relentlessly attacking our very defensive, informative wares of global communication, including our very expensive hardware.

In our Orwellian present, they will soon attack us directly via our very own computers; apart from malicious spyware ... already massive ... censorship on the internet is already on the order of the day: important research documents of the very US government, and of the CIA, are already disappearing one by one.

At any event, whether the world proletariat is destined to eliminate global capitalism, or whether global fascism itself progressively is annihilating mankind, such vicious attacks against our arms of self-defense, are the real apocalyptic signs and fatal signals of our turbulent times. To topple a decaying mode of exploitative production or to install a fresh mode of creative emancipation, in both cases, the global effects will be chaotic, anarchic, nearly suicidal.

We really have a huge, vital problem to solve.

Anyhow, once more, congratulations on a magnificent firewall ... they will try again and again with more disastrous attacks.

At least, all these things identify the massive problem that has become for the Empire.

In itself, for us, it is a magnificent victory...

Otherwise, if everything was going smoothly all the time, we would have all reasons globally to switch on the urgent warning: Bolivarian Red Alert!

Keep up the fighting spirit, we do likewise here, in spite of the dangers lurking all over.