Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2004

At random reproduced, diatribal, Hitlerite garbage

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 22:54:49 -0400
From: Franz Lee
Subject: Open Letter to Juan Herrera

Mr. Juan Herrera: Concerning your letter to Oscar Heck ... strange enough, you are the living proof of my last two commentaries concerning what it is to have a slave mentality, and what happens when one is suffering from total mental vassalage.

I am living here in Venezuela ... I teach here at the University of The Andes (Merida), and as political scientist and "profesor titular," I surely follow the social developments in this country very closely.

To tell you the truth, not even your "half-truths" contain signs of veracity.

I don't know where you live, in which world of make-believe, perhaps in some castle ruins of ancient Transylvania, but reading your letter, one thing is sure, you suffer from a dangerous, advanced stage of both cognitive dissonance and psychotic disassociation.

Scientifically, I cannot even take up a position to a single statement that you made. In fact, what you wrote coincides with the eternally ruminated, ideological, anti-communist trash of a Cold War mind-controlled fanatic during the McCarthy age.

What you wrote I heard hundreds of times across three continents against Nelson Mandela, against Robert Mugabe, Salvador Allende, Fidel Castro, Samora Machel, Kwame Nkrumah, etc.

Sadly, I could not identify a single idea that originally could have come from your own brains that merits a serious comment.

Juan, this is tragic.  This is why I urgently suggest that you should seek psychological advice and immediate treatment.  In your present state of mind, you are a danger to yourself, and to humanity. At the moment, I cannot logically argue or debate with you ... it would be of no avail.

Oscar Heck and Elio Cequea, two excellent authentic journalists, who have studied the social realities of Venezuela and who firmly stand for human rights and democracy anywhere in the world, surely do not deserve the at random reproduced, diatribal, Hitlerite garbage that you picked up somewhere from the puntofijista quagmire and so recklessly threw at VHeadline.

Do you not realize what you present yourself as to the world?

Once you are healthy again, I really would like to debate seriously with you ... not in Disney Land, but right here in the revolutionary realities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Wishing you a speedy intellectual recovery,

Franz J. T. Lee