Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2004

Venezuela: From capitalist production to human creation

In previous commentaries we have underlined the emancipatory quintessence of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. We have explained why it is an emancipatory paradigm for all the exploited, dominated, discriminated and alienated peoples of the world.

Yesterday, once more, the Venezuelans have shown to the world, what the kratos (rule, government) of, by and for the demos (people), what real, true, democracy, that is, revolutionary emancipation, is all about.

In the following weeks, much will be written and analyzed about this landslide victory in Venezuela's regional elections ... about how the 'New' has just been born, and how the 'Old' in agony is tenaciously fading away into oblivion in Latin America (Gramsci and Chavez).

Also, it is true that Venezuela ... that Latin America ... has changed forever, has crossed the revolutionary Rubicon ... that the Janus-faced major ruling class parties, that reactionary "bi-partidism" is gone forever.

Uruguay paves the road for the revolutionary alternative, the "neither-nor" future. political, serpentine trend.

However, what we want to stress here, is the global, trans-historic context of this majestic Bolivarian victory: after so many heroic battles, we have to prepare ourselves for the great world war, for global emancipation.

Charles Dickens, the famous British author, in his "Tale of Two Cities" ... portraying Paris, the French Revolution, and describing London, the Industrial Revolution ... indicated what really is happening in turbulent times, during intra-systemic social revolutions.

Using Marx's terminology, Dickens simply described in formal logic the fierce contradictions generated by an epoch of social revolution, that emerge, whenever the new, the fertile forces of production are being strangled by the old, that is, by the sterile relations of production, in a mode of production in agony. Hence, a ferocious, merciless, violent class struggle ensues, cracking the antiquated egg-shell, and thus bringing forth a new creation, filled with creative fire. This is what is currently happening in Venezuela, in Uruguay, in Latin America, across the so-called "Third World."

However, before we continue, let us update Charles Dickens, 1812 - 1870:

"Neither was it the Best of times nor the Worst of times;
neither was it the age of Wisdom nor the age of Foolishness;
neither was it the epoch of Belief nor the epoch of Incredulity;
neither was it the season of Light nor the season of Darkness;
neither was it the spring of Hope nor the winter of Despair.
Neither had we Anything before us nor had we Nothing before us;
neither were we all going direct to Heaven nor were we all going direct the Other Way.
In short - it's the Dawn of transcendental, historic Emancipation;
it's the Aurora of Nature and Society, of History.
We are transcending, surpassing,
excelling what its noisiest authorities call Globalization."

In which way does the current Latin American Bolivarian Revolution differentiates itself from all previous social revolutions, from the French Revolution, from the October Revolution, from the previous valiant colonial revolutions?

In revolutionary tendency and in emancipatory latency, it is the trans-historic product of all previous attempts to resist capitalist, imperialist and corporate exploitation and hegemony. It is born in the epoch of "globalization," of the very capitalist world system in severe crisis, in mortal, fatal and lethal agony, in which the very existence of humanity is being threatened by extinction.

This simply means that labor, capital and military power have reached their omega, the extreme limits of their very earthly existence; internally, unless we do and think something invincible, within the world system, there is no way anymore of avoiding a global, economic, political, social conflagration. This could happen any time, tomorrow, next week, within the next decades. The very mode of capitalist production has converted itself into a mode of destruction, as Kant said, it has become fully recognizable, it shows its real, true, essential, fascist, terrorist grimace. Also. it has become real and true what Hegel underlined: Everything that comes into existence merits to pass away.

The Bolivarian revolution firmly knocks at the door of emancipatory transcendence; challenging the third law of formal logic, it is searching for its very own human, creative trinity, its human being, human existence and human transcendence, all in one, one in all. This means an exodus, out of the current labor process, out of capitalism, leaving the seven plagues of corporate imperialism forever way behind.

This is the changing sign of the times, this is the real New, the true Authentic, is revolutionary transcendence, is transcendental emancipation. The major world contradictions, the global economic wars, the Petro-Dollar versus the Petro-Euro, the ALCA versus the ALBA, the USA versus Eurasia, all these indicate that it is now or never.

This time no new mode of production is being born, on the contrary, the very production system, reflected in Bush's world wars, is destroying itself, has become a mode of unproductive, apocalyptic destruction. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives were destroyed in Iraq, now Bush hungrily craves to suck Iranian innocent blood. Nonetheless, from this massacred, youthful and feminine blood, something new, a mode of creativity and of creation is being born; its anti-labor pains, we are currently feeling in the ticking space-time bomb of Latin America itself.

This global emancipatory "war", that will be more violent than anything that the world ever has seen, is what is now on the order of the day here in Venezuela and elsewhere. That we can overcome, can transcend, any battle or war, the Venezuelans, the Latin Americans, have shown over and over already.

Of course, officially we should and must demand social peace and democracy, however, we should also know, that really and truly, we are not yet free, that as Georges Sorel stressed, we are born, we live, and we die in a violent, capitalist, imperialist, corporate world. We did not discover violence, this Christopher Columbus "discovered" here in the Americas. Also, Frantz Fanon categorically told us what is emancipatory self-defense. However, these truths should not spoil our current victorious celebrations, they are just warnings against reformist, reactionary triumphalism.

Thus, comrades-in-arms, let us fill our bright lamps with fine, refined oil, ready to face the final victory; let us be well-prepared with revolutionary theory and praxis, with Science and Philosophy, with emancipatory creativity and creative emancipation. Yes, the the real, true struggles, Dien Bien Phu and Waterloo, have just begun!

Let us really wake up from our centuries-old slumber, truly cast off the contaminated and polluting "dew" ... the mind and thought control mechanisms ... that has befallen upon us, during our long, dark nights of colonial and neocolonial bondage, and like Bolivar's trans-historic horse, let us wipe away forever the Orwellian flies that have pestered ... and are still pestering ... our "Long March" towards Human Freedom.